At Inspired Group we understand that furniture is an investment. It is an extension of your Home and Garden in Spain - integral in family meals, party gatherings and relaxation time. Whatever size, shape or style you desire, our buying guides should help you make that decision a little bit easier.

If you are looking to buy either Sofas or Garden furniture we have a great choice.

Choosing the Right Furniture for your Home and Garden in Spain

Whether you are looking for a comfortable sofa, rattan garden chair, a rattan sofa set, a rattan table and chairs or a garden swing, it is important to keep the following in mind:

How much space do I have?

- Always measure your lounge, garden, patio or balcony accurately to ensure that there is enough room for the furniture.

When considering a rattan table and chair set make sure you allow at least 60cm clearance on each chair in order to sit comfortably and still have enough room to move around it.

What is the furniture going to be used for?

- Are you looking for a sofa for 2 or a corner suite for 4 or maybe a rattan bistro set for 2 or a party sized set for 10? Consider what you are going to use your furniture for.

If space is at a premium stacking chairs are useful or if you want flexible seating arrangements consider a modular rattan sofa set.

What kind of budget do I have?

- When looking for home and garden furniture always try to purchase the best quality that your budget will allow. Quality furniture will last you a very long time and is timeless in design.

‘Buy cheap – buy twice’.

Does the furniture look the same in reality?

- We endeavour to provide detailed images and descriptions for every product however, quality and comfort are not always easy to portray in text and images. That is why we encourage all customers to visit our shop in Antas where you can compare furniture directly and even take it away with you the same day.

How long will the furniture last?

- Quality furniture is our core focus. You may find similar looking furniture elsewhere but what we offer is furniture that is comfortable, stylish and built to last. And is backed up by our Sales Support Team.

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